The Ultimate Stranger Things Season 1 Recap

The Ultimate Stranger Things Season 1 Recap.

The Ultimate Stranger Things Season 1 Recap

The Ultimate Stranger Things Season 1 Recap :

Mik Lukas Dustin and will are best buddies who just loved Dungeons and Dragons After a victorious game winners on his way home when he's somewhat unexpectedly snatched into an alternate dimension Called the upside down by a creature called the demagogue on it doesn't take long for his mother Joyce and his older brother Jonathan to realize he's missing so they ask slash demand Hawkins chief of police and lover of quiet mornings Jim Hoppa to help find him on the Other side of town a girl is caught stealing food her name is 11 and she's just the Tiniest bit messed up the guy who finds her ring social services big mistake the woman who turns up at the door is an agent working with the shady dr Bronner the scientist who's been testing 11 supernatural abilities yet, she has them in the Hawkins laboratory she shoots the guy But thankfully 11 escapes and runs into Mike Dustin and Lukas when they're searching for will The gang hide her in Mike's basement feet her Eggos and discover her Millennium Falcon levitating powers Nancy Mike's other sister is dating local popular kid and well-meaning prat Steve Harrington who invites her to his house party not wanting to go alone she brings her BFF barb Who she promptly neglects for most of the night right up until Bob cuts her finger Nancy goes with Steve to his room And they have sex leaving her friend waiting by the pool one moment barb. Is there the next she's gone Jonathan searching the forest werewolf bite was found captures the moment she disappears with his camera as he secretly taking photos of Nancy and Steve Creepy Bob dies she's not coming back so get used to it Joyce figures out that she can communicate with will using the lights and completely every decorates the house accordingly popper looks at the tapes from the Hopkins laboratory for any sign of will But realizes that they've been faked he gets pretty down suspicious after some good old-fashioned research He finds out about the labs dodgy mind-control experiments project MKULTRA and Terry Ives one of the test subjects Oh, and Will's body is discovered floating in the quarry But he's not dead which we know because 11 uses a walkie-talkie to tune into him Frehley singing in the upside-down Initiate makeover montage as the boys disguise her so they can get her to the powerful radio at school Which she can use to locate?
 Well they declined to share this Critical information with Joyce however who refuses to believe well is dead her suspicions are confirmed when she is will calling to her from within the walls of their house and after going mad at said war with an axe Finds the membrane dividing Hawkins from the upside down with her beloved son on the other side Then the demagogue and tears through her wall which comes as a bit of a shock Steve and his crew find out Jonathan's been taking pictures of them and are understandably a little bit miffed So they break his camera and wrap up his photos Nancy gathers up the scraps featuring Bob and upon seeing the demo Gorgon in the photo Realizes that whatever took bob matches the description Joyce gave of the creature that came through her wall Nancy lets the police know Bob is missing Finally meanwhile Hopper breaks into the morgue and finds that wills body is gasp a fake thanks to the wonderful powers of Dungeons and Dragons and 11 the boys figure out that will is trapped in the upside-down and that there should be a gate linking it and Hawkins
They follow their compasses to try and find it but 11 manipulates the needles as she scared him encountering the Demma Gorgon Lukas finds out he isn't happy as he and Mike fight 11 accidentally uses her telekinesis to push Lukas away and knocks him out He eventually comes round But by then 11 has disappeared Hopper's having a similarly eventful time back at the lab as he finds the spooky Creepily fleshy gate into the upside down But he's knocked out wakes up in his apartment and finds that it's been bugged Bad government his deputies turn up and tell him they found Barbara's car what Bob Collins car Seems she ran away after the Papa is not buying it Nancy and Jonathan investigate the forest to try and find the demo Gorgon Instead they find another gate into the upside-down Nancy crawls through it and is hunted by the monster before escaping back into the real world Understandably Nancy is terrified to be alone so she asked Jonathan to stay over at hers In a heartwarming turn of events Steve is worried about his girlfriend so decisis check on her finds the two together and assumes They're an item not knowing this in the morning the pair go and buy everything they need to kill the demagogue in' and fine Steve's been vandalizing Hawkins with insults about Nancy Stephen Johnson Have a punch-up Jonathan accidentally hits a cop and gets arrested hopper and Joyce go on a little road trip to meet Terry Ives Except she's not all there Her sister tells them that Terry believes the government abducted Jane her unborn child because she has special powers Remembering the drawings he saw at the lab hopper believes Jane or 11 as we know her is in Hawkins Mike and Dustin are on the hunt for the same girl and are menaced by bullies the two mouth breathers make Mike jump off the edge of a cliff Enter 11, she levitates mind her safety and breaks the arm of the prick Who's been bullying them?

 Lukas sees agents leaving the lab and tells Mike that they're heading to his house Mike Dustin and 11 escaped in the most epic way possible They will make up Joyce and hopper go to the police station and find Jonathan and Nancy They're teaming up or for contact Mike and code to take on the government and find well together To maximize Elevens powers they build a makeshift sensory deprivation tank in the school There's good news and bad news bad news Evan finds Bob. Who is still dead good news? She detects will hiding in the upside-down Hopper and Joyce are then discovered when they tried to break into the lab to go through the gate and find will Nancy and Jonathan snatched their hunting stuff back from the police station bad news again Hopper reluctantly trades eleventh location in exchange for letting himself and Joyce go into the upside down While his mom is away Jonathan and Nancy booby-trapped Joyce's house in preparation for fighting the demagogue on Steve arrives Just after Jonathan and Nancy cut their hands to some of the monster the three stab shoot and set the monster on fire But it escapes back to the up down Brennan and his goons appear at the school But before they can claim her 11 kills them all The catastrophic amount of blood sums the demagogue gun, which attacks Brenna hopper and Joyce find and save will in the upside down Something icky was down his throat best not to dwell on that for too long 11 destroys the demagogue gun and seemingly herself in the process right the boys and will reunite in hospital Outside of the hospital hopper is picked up by an ominous black car Flash forward a month it's Christmas at the police Christmas party Hop an absent food and places it in a hidden box in the woods Within the cozy warmth of his home will excuses himself from Christmas dinner to go and wash his hands. Oh plus He coughs up a slug and seems to step into the upside down for a second He tells no one that won't come back to haunt him at all.

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