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Stranger Psychic Happenings 

Stranger Psychic Happenings
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Stranger Psychic Happenings.

There are certain things that people do, or that happen to them, that are considered to be ‘supernormal‘. This doesn't mean “supernatural". Super normal means things that science doesn't recognise. They are called psychic phenomena. 

There are several kinds of such happenings, and many people are very interested in studying them, many people believe in them, and many people don't believe in them at all. 

Let us see what some of these psychic phenomena are. 

One is called “Polter'geists".This concerns strange noises, movements of furniture, and breaking of dishes in situations where the people in the house can't explain how it is happening. However, where such things seem to happen, it is almost always necessary for a particular personto be present.

The more interesting psychic phenomena are the mental kind. In these cases a person seems to have knowledge of certain matters that he has no normal way of knowing. For example, a person may know another person's thoughts, or know about events that happened far away or long ago. Knowing what another person is thinking (in a supernormal way) is called “telepathy”. Knowing about distant events or scenes is called “clairvoyance”. 

A great deal of research has been carried out by various people to prove or demonstrate telepathy, but there are scientists who say that these experiments are not really conducted properly. 

Another interesting psychic phenomenon is called "precognition". This is where people are supposed to know about events before they happen. Those who don’t believe precognition will possibly ask why such people can't get rich on the stock market, or prevent crimes from happening. 

All in all, psychic phenomena produce arguments on both sides: those who believe in them strongly, and on the other side, the scientific world that believes they cannot, and do not happen. 

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