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Piezielectric Effect 

Piezielectric Effect is the property of some crystals like quartz to generate a voltage when pressure is applied across their opposite face. In fact, the word 'Piezo' means 'Press' in Greek. In these crystals, ions are so arranged that they form positive-negative pairs called 'dipoles'. When pressure is applied to the crystals, the dipoles get distorted, the negative and positive pairs get separated and build up an electric field across the faces. This effect 8s known as the piezoelectric effect. The reverse of this effect is also true : if an electric field is applied across the opposite faces of such crystals they undergo mechanical stress. Piezoelectric effect was first observed in quartz. Today, some of the most commonly used piezoelectric crystals are Rochelle salt and certain ceramics.
Both the piezoelectric and reverse piezoelectric effect are widely used for various purposes. For instance, in effect such as electronic gas-lighters, microphones, phonograph pick up needles, vibration-sensing elements, piezoelectric crystals are used to convert mechanical strain into electric signals. On the other hand, various devices for generating ultrasonic sounds in which electric signals are converted into mechanical vibrations, use the reverse piezoelectric effect.


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What is Piezielectric Effect ? Where it's use ? | PRATHAM SHARMA| What is Piezielectric Effect ? Where it's use ? | PRATHAM SHARMA| Reviewed by PRATHAM SHARMA on February 03, 2019 Rating: 5

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