Pedal And Windpower

Pedal And Windpower

Storage batteries of UPS -units and battery-based electric vehicles can be charged using dynamos operated by pedalling - in UPS units and by wind power using dynamoattached miniature windmills in a moving electric vehicle. Frequently, situations arise where line supply is not available, for instance, at Army outposts, Police camps, remote and 
isolated locations, areas where line supply is not available due to natural calamities, etc. Generators use costly and polluting fuels. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units use storage batteries for backup power, but for charging these batteries mains supply is needed. Under long hours of load-shedding, even battery back-up fails. A solution could be the use of Pedal Power. 

Dynamos can be fitted to the rear wheel axle of bicycle -wheels can be discarded to redUce load. Upon Pedaling, the dynamo 

generates power, which can be used to charge storage batteries via a charger. Since UPS units come with different power outputs, the dynamo capacity has to be tailored to_ fit the requirement. This way, dependence on mains supply can be avoided. 
Similarly, wind from the direction opposite to the direction of motion of a moving vehicle can be utilised to operate a dynamo attached to a windmill. The power output of the dynamo can be used to charge storage batteries, which, in turn, can run a dc motor to which wheels are attached. Thus, more power can be provided to a vehicle on the run. This can be of great help to poor cycle rickshaw or cycle van operators by reducing their physical labour.

Adoption of these simple mechanisms does not involve any sophistication or high cost. Most equipment are available in the market - UPS, battery, cars and bikes etc.,_ hence, no elaborate and expensive manufacturing unit needs to be set up.

Article By :- Pratham Sharma 
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