Great Events In The History of Civilization

Great Events In The History of Civilization

44 BC
 The Murder of Caesar 
The Battle of Pharsaiia made Caesar lord of Rome. He then had to deai with Africa which was in revolt. A short campaign ended in the victory being announced in the Senate as Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered). He returned to Rome and took supreme command; the Republic was at an end. Now the head of the army controlled the empire. 
Unlike Marius and Sulla, Caesar proclaimed a general pardon for all his former opponents, not one was put to death. Then he introduced many popular reforms, but some jealous men who wished to restore the Republic waited for him in the Forum and stabbed him to death. 

A Second Triumvirate was formed consisting of Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony). Lepidus and Octavius, Caesar’s heir. 

43 BC
Accession of Cleopatra 
Regarded as the most famous woman in history. Cleopatra (C. 68 30 BC) was the daughter of Ptolemy V although, like herfather, not Egyptian. In 51 BC she became joint ruler of Egypt with her young brother but they quarrelied and she was forced to leave and go into Syria. At this time Julius Caesar arrived in Alexandria and Cleopatra, Using her charms, persuaded him to make war on her behalf. Her brother was killed and she became Queen of Egypt once more. 
Caesar took her to Rome with him. but following his assassination she returned to Egypt. She then became the mistress of Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony C. 8330 BC) and addedherfleettohisat the Battle of Actium (31 BC). 

Where she fought against Octavian (later to become Caesar Augustus). Realising all was lost, she poisoned herself with an asp; the line of Ptolemies ended with her death and Egypt became a Roman Province. 

 38 BC 
The Laocoon Sculpture 
Laoooon, according to Greek legend, was a priest who tn'ed to warn the Trojans of Greek wooden horse. An angry Apollo destroyed him and his two sons with serpents. This legend was a popular one in‘ancient times and in 38 BC Agesander, a Rhodian sculptor, produced a wonderful group showing the three victims in agony as the serpents tightened about them.

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