Fascinating Myths

Fascinating Myths

Long ago, when people were frightened by thunder and lightning, they might have said, ‘Listen! The sky god is shouting! That flash of lightning is his sky-axe being hurled into the Earth because he is so angry!’ All around the world, people have developed stories to explain natural events which they saw but did not understand. such as why night follows day and spring follows winter, where fire came from, and how men and women came to be on Earth in first place. These tales were handed down, often by word of mouth, and gradually became more complicated. They are known and shared by everyone in the group. We call such stories myths.

A myth about fire:-

In the cold northern parts of the world great tires were lit at midwinter to help the Sun to be reborn. The ancient Greeks tell a myth in which Prometheus stole fire from Zeus, the chief god, and brought it from heaven to humans in a hollow reedb.Furious at this theft, Zeus chained Prometheus to arock, where his liver was eaten by an eagle every day but grew again eVery night.

Article by :- Pratham Sharma.

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